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16 NOV 2017 7:30 AM


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The Caribbean region has seen its fair share of maritime activity. Naval Battles were part of them. Many ships with goods, treasures and so on have found a resting place on the ocean floor. As search technology has improved over the past 50 years we have seen many discoveries each of which tell a story and further explain history.

It is for this reason that our oceans are an integral part of our heritage. In this session, we explore the manner in which further research is conducted and the obstacles encountered, as well as the contribution to documentation.


Caribbean economies are under pressure. International funding or donations are not what they used to be. Stronger than in the past, we have to rely on sources of income which are generated through sources like rent, inheritance, or local donations. Restoration of a historical building or monument implies maintenance.

Maintenance often carries expenses which difficultly can be carried by the sources of income as mentioned earlier. The challenge remains: how can we restore the rest of our heritage if no “cheap” funding is available? How can we convince our nations that care for heritage implies sustainability? This session will explore these difficult questions.


Built Heritage in the Caribbean is often related to painful periods in history. From colonialism to exploitation of enslaved people, the psychological effects are still felt at times. However, it is not only history that leads to the negative image of Built Heritage.

A large segment of the population in our region often considers these historical buildings as a hindrance to development. In their eyes the best solution is to push for demolishment. In this session we will look at ways and best practices to improve the awareness, appreciation for built heritage and ultimately its image.


Often our historical buildings were built for functions (residential, religious, retail, industrial), which over time have become obsolete. For example, residential areas have moved (during the 50’s to 70’s) to the suburbs. Inner (historical) cities transformed from bustling livable places to empty, poor and often seedy areas.

Many historical buildings have been lost. As the movement to protect our built heritage is slowly picking up speed we have to find new functions for these empty and often dilapidated buildings. Even the ones that have seen restoration during the past decades are often faced with these challenges. In these sessions we will demonstrate best practices and explore future possibilities for re-use.

Keynote speaker Gustavo Araoz
President of ICOMOS

Keynote speaker Peggy Leshikar-Denton
Director of the Cayman Islands National Museum

Keynote speaker Michael de Sola
Managing Director Maduro & Curiel’s Bank

Keynote speaker Arno Boon
Director of BOEi the Netherlands

    Keynote speaker Victor Marín-Crespo
    ICOMOS Cuba Vice-President

    Keynote speaker Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace
    Principal Partner BedfordBakerGroup

      Terence Suthers
      Heritage Management

      Annefleur Siebinga
      Urban consultant

      Anne Witsenburg
      Stichting Monumentenfonds Aruba

      Amy Victorina
      Archaeologist at National Archaeological Anthropological Memory Management

      Nirvana Persaud
      CEO at National Trust of Guyana

        sir Henry Fraser
        President Emeritus Barbados National Trust

        Tara Inniss
        Lecturer in the Department of History and Philosophy at Cave Hill Campus, The University of the West Indies (UWI)

        Peter Chandler
        Director at Chato Design Studio

          Vincent Jacot
          Tourism development consultant

          Michael Newton
          Managing Director at Newton Heritage Consulting

            Rob van den Bergh
            Managing Director Curconsult

            Dimitri Cloose
            Director at NAAM

            Bharat Bhojwani
            Managing Director at The Curacao Financial Group

            François van der Hoeven
            Secretary at Foundation for Maritime Archaeology Curaçao (STIMACUR)

            Marcel Dennert
            Director of Stichting Monumentenzorg Curaçao

            Richenel Ansano
            Anthropologist, heritage consultant and transcultural healer

              Ergo D. Cijntje
              Chairman at Stichting Restauratie & Behoud Slavendorp Savonet

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